Our Office

Here's a little bit about what sets us apart.

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality dental care for all of our patients.

 This is accomplished through our ability to comprehensively diagnose and honestly inform our patients of their dental needs, regardless of their social or economic stature. Sensing, serving, and satisfying our patients’ needs include being positive, supportive, and efficient. Only through excellence in dentistry and quality relationships can we make a positive contribution to the oral health, happiness, and self-esteem of those around us.

Our practice's greatest asset is its committed team.

We are people who are excited about and enjoy what we are doing. We take personal initiative, empower each other, and work well together. We make long-term contributions, are motivated to achieve superior results, pursue continuing education, and possess a flexible team spirit. High quality and integrity are our standards.

We have amazing patients.

We strive to attract patients who value excellent dental care and who respect the time and abilities of the entire team. Through patient education, they accept responsibility for their own oral health and through quality care they can achieve their own dental goals. We inform our patients that their trust in our ability and happiness in our services is best conveyed through referrals of their family and friends. Our patients’ total dental experience will exceed their expectations!

We have a great office, too.

The appearance of our office reflects our commitment to quality dentistry. We continually look at the office from the patients’ point of view. The commitment to universal precautions and sterilization are a must, as it is necessary for the protection of our patients and ourselves.

We keep getting better with continuing education.

Pursuit of excellence in patient care and management is mandatory for all team members. A professional person has the obligation to remain a student throughout his/her career. We view the attainment of excellence as a journey of constant growth and openness to change. The practice continues to educate our doctors and team as new clinical and managerial systems are developed to further the dental health of our patients and the interpersonal development of each team member.

Our practice embraces the ever-changing future.

We strive to keep up with all of the latest technology in dental healthcare.  We utilize state of the art equipment, take several education courses per year and also keep up with what is trending in the dental world.